3d Printed FAQ

All 3d printed models are printed to order and there may be a slight delay to all orders if stock is not already printed.

The 3d printed models are printed on FDM printers resulting in a slightly textured appearance.  This is normal from the printing process as well as some surface blemishes. Blemishes can be removed with a hobby knife.

I personally do not treat the flat surfaces.  most of the prints are pretty good and on the tabletop it is barely noticeable.  If you do feel the need to try to smooth the surfaces you can use regular old 200 grit sandpaper.  DO NOT USE ELECTRIC GRINDERS, DREMELS, ETC.  PLA plastic has a low melting temp (around 150*c) and you will have a good chance of melting and ruining the model if you try to use a dremel or grinder wheel or anything.

I find that a 2x primer (I prefer Krylon) will usually give you a pretty good finish to start with.  then you can paint away.

PLA is also a VERY HARD plastic, so use caution if you want to cut or modify the models, as it will take some serious effort to cut.